Arts & Social Sciences (MH101)

The Maynooth ARTS (MH101) degree is our flexible programme that gives you a wide range of options to customise your studies to match your own interests and goals.

You choose from a wide range of subjects which you can research below, and you can combine them to build your own degree. Of course there are some limits. In each subject there are specific topics that you have to study. But as far as possible, we let you decide.

You don’t have to decide everything at once. You can take up to four subjects in first year, and decide what combination is right for you. We also let you change your mind in the first four weeks of semester one, so if you realise that a subject is not for you, you can choose something else. You can also make some changes to your choices at the start of the second semester.

When you begin second year you will be able to decide the structure of your degree (based on your subjects and results from first year).

Handy guide for students studying MH101

Talk to us

Between the 13th and 17th of September we will be hosting Live Webinars for the various subject choices open to students as well as a Live Q&A prior to registration. Join us and ask our staff anything that’s on your mind about our Arts or Science degrees or any of our courses.  Our Departments will be online to help!