Prepare for Maynooth University



OK, you have your CAO offer as per the schedule outlined in your handbook. You accept! Now you need to prepare!

Of course we are delighted to be welcoming  students back to campus but we still need to be mindful that COVID-19 is still with us and we need to ensure that we continue to look after ourselves and those around us. 

And finally, if you remember nothing else:

Email is your friend – check your student (and CAO) email regularly! 

Note: All official communications about MU plans will be provided to staff and students via their official MU email account and on the Coronavirus web page. Before you register and get an MU account we will use the email used on your CAO application.

Let’s get started

On Campus Accommodation

Room booking event for incoming first year undergraduates for the academic year 2022-2023 will be held on the 9th of September 2022 at 10am on a first come first served basis– the link will appear on MU Student Residences website under “Booking Links Space and is also available from the Booking Events section.

For further information please visit the MU Student Residences Website or you can email Residence Office at:


Temporary & Short Stay Accommodation

This accommodation is suited to students who don’t require accommodation for 7 days a week. Bookings are made through Maynooth Conference & Campus Accommodation. Visit for further information. Their offices are located on the South Campus. 


Off Campus Accommodation 

The HomeFinder Service offers first year students an information service to find suitable accommodation in the local area. We do this mainly through our listing service Maynooth Studentpad. This is a website where local landlords advertise accommodation and where you can view listings of accommodation in the local area which are being offered to First Year Students.

On the date the CAO Round 1 offers are issued, 8th September 2022, an email communication will be issued to all students who received an academic offer for Maynooth with access details to This is an automatic process and it is important to note that we send this email to the email address used in the CAO application so please ensure you have access to this mailbox. For information about off campus accommodation for CAO Rounds 2, 3 and 4, please visit the HomeFinder website.

Maynooth Studentpad is accessible by students of Maynooth University and St. Patrick’s College Maynooth only.

Top Tip! *** It is likely that you will want to review the online listings before traveling to Maynooth to view accommodation. To get the most from your accommodation search you will firstly need to contact landlords and make some appointments. ***

For further information and off-campus accommodation updates, please visit the HomeFinder website for more information.

Preparing to Travel


Located in the heart of Ireland’s only university town, we are just 25km from the centre of Dublin – Find us on Google Maps.

Our vibrant and beautiful campus is closely integrated with the historic and lively town of Maynooth, Co. Kildare.

We are easily accessible by car, bus, bicycle and train. Maynooth University is accessible by public transport from most parts of the country. Click through on the right to find our more about

Learn about Commuting on our Website

Preparing my finances


On the Western Suburban railway line

5 minute walk to train station


40 mins from the airport

Free Airport Hopper Shuttle


Easily accessible on

Foot, Bicycle

Personal car,


Bus (Public & Private Services)


Parking spaces are limited

Apply for a permit here

Budgeting & Finance

Once you know where you’re living and how to get here, the next step is preparing your finances and making sure you learn how to keep within your budget. Budgeting and finance for university is arguably the toughest part but we can help.

Maynooth University has dedicated Student Services that can help you learn these necessary life skills and lets you access support if/when you get stuck.

They’re there to help you, even if you just want to chat.

Full information on student supports and presentations are available in 03 | Find out what’s available to you 


There are several offices that can help you with Finance & Budgeting:

The Student Fees & Grants Office is a unit within the Bursar’s Office, located in the Bursar’s Office (Rye Extension, North Campus), who communicate and engage with incoming, current and continuing students, all University Departments and various external stakeholders. 

The Fees & Grants team provide guidance, support and a positive solution focussed approach to ensure the delivery of a highly flexible, responsive and effective to all stakeholders.

We are responsible for ensuring that all elements of a students finance lifecycle are carried out efficiently and on time, i.e. invoicing and collection of fee liability from various sources; Exchequer Free Fees scheme; SUSI; 3rd party payments; Rebates; Distribution and payment of awards / scholarships / stipends / access funds; Research funding; US and other International funding, etc.

The Student Budget and Advice Service can help you work out your living costs and how you will manage your budget (it can be a long week if you run out of pot noodles). Make an appointment with a Budget Advisor and learn how to manage your money.

Find out if you are eligible to apply to SUSI for a Higher Education Grant. Visit the SUSI website for more information or contact the Student Budget Advisory Office.

Other scholarships & funding schemes including the Student Assistance Fund (SAF), Student Emergency Fund and Short term loans can be found through the Student Budget Advice website.

The Admissions Office also have information on what scholarships are available and how to apply for them.

If you are on a social welfare payment or intend to apply for the BTEA (Back to Education Allowance) contact your local Social Welfare Office before starting in Maynooth University.

Preparing to register

Registering for your Programme

All new incoming First Year Undergraduate Students will register online.

You will receive an email from the Student Records & Registration Team on Friday, 16th September which will detail what you need to do to complete your registration.

For further information on the registration process and documents required, visit theStudent Records & Registration Website.

Special Note to First Year MH101 Students regarding Subject Selection:

  • MH101 Students must select two, three or four subjects in First Year, with not more than one subject selected from the same group.  Refer to Course Finder for the range of subjects available within MH101.
  • Ensure your preferred subject combinations are available in Second and Third Year.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you meet Leaving Certificate (or equivalent) minimum entry requirements for your selected subjects.

For further information on the registration process and documents required, visit the Student Records & Registration Website.

New Maynooth University App

We have just launched our new app and we’d love you to try it out. Features include way-finding to get around campus, information on clubs and societies, places to eat, IT, Wifi and security information and News and Events. We have plans to roll out many more features so be the first!

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