Student Services

Seirbhísí na Mac Léinn

Your student experience is about taking on new challenges and meeting new people, exploring opportunities for yourself and discovering who you are.

We have a range of supports to help students through their studies. You may need these at some point so familiarise yourself with them

  • Student Health Centre for medical needs.
  • Student Budgeting offers support and advice with managing your money for University. 
  • Chaplaincy  is a support for students throughout their University journey for those of all faiths and none.
  • Counselling (free and confidential)  offers one-to-one counselling and support on a wide range of psychological and mental health issues.
  • Student Support Officer offers personal and practical guidance and support to students and offers a safe and welcoming space. 
  • Crèche for your child-care needs
  • Student Support Hub: If you know you need help but you’re unsure who to ask, you can drop in and talk to us.
  • Homefinder Service to help you find off campus accommodation.

Other student supports are located in other part of the campus including  IT Services, who take care of all the systems (Office365, Moodle, StudentWeb) you’ll be using on and off campus. Our Careers Office, Placement Office and  Experiential Learning are geared to helping students find employment during and after your studies and the International Office can help you study abroad if that’s something you want to explore.

Talk to us

Between the 13th and 17th of September we will be hosting Live Webinars for the various subject choices open to students as well as a Live Q&A prior to registration. Join us and ask our staff anything that’s on your mind about our Arts or Science degrees or any of our courses.  Our Departments will be online to help!